SIGGRAPH 2011 – Autodesk Student Experience Event

Autodesk Student Experience Event – exclusively for students

On Sunday, August 7, 2011, Autodesk will be hosting the Autodesk Student Experience event, a series of workshops and presentations exclusively for students. This full day of events will feature classes, one-on-one feedback sessions with Autodesk technology experts, a seminar from Carlos Baena of Animation Mentor and a keynote presentation by Duncan Brinsmead, principal scientist at Autodesk.

There will also be a Softimage Class with Adam Sale, and Mark Schoennagel will be available to answer Softimage questions.

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Reserve Array

The Reserve Array node reserves memory for an array, but it doesn’t construct the array for you.

So, for example, if you try to use Set in Array you may find that it doesn’t work, because the array element you’re trying to set doesn’t exist yet. In this tree, Reserve Array gives me an array with one element. So trying to set the second element has no effect.

I’d have to use Push on Array here to get the desired result:

Or I could make sure the array elements exist like this:

I could also Resize the array after I reserve it.