Copying envelope weights

Simple brute force example that copies the envelope weights between two shoes.

I read on the XSI list that the Blur Tools have a skinpanel tool that can copy/paste weights.

var oRShoe = Dictionary.GetObject( "Man.RShoe" );
var oLShoe = Dictionary.GetObject( "Man.LShoe" );

var oEnvelope = oRShoe.Envelopes(0);
oDeformerEnum = new Enumerator( oEnvelope.Deformers ) ;
for (;!oDeformerEnum.atEnd();oDeformerEnum.moveNext() )
	var oDeformer = oDeformerEnum.item() ;
	var vba = new VBArray( oEnvelope.GetDeformerWeights( oDeformer ) );
	var jsa = vba.toArray();

	var targetDeformer = oLShoe.Envelopes(0).Deformers("R","L") );
	LogMessage( "Copy Env weights: "+ oDeformer.fullname + " -> " + targetDeformer );
	oLShoe.Envelopes(0).SetDeformerWeights( targetDeformer, jsa );

// INFO : Copy Env weights: Biped_Rig.RShin -> Biped_Rig.LShin
// INFO : Copy Env weights: Biped_Rig.RFootBone1 -> Biped_Rig.LFootBone1
// INFO : Copy Env weights: Biped_Rig.RFootBone2 -> Biped_Rig.LFootBone2
// INFO : Copy Env weights: Biped_Rig.RlegEff -> Biped_Rig.LlegEff
// INFO : Copy Env weights: Biped_Rig.RFootEff -> Biped_Rig.LFootEff

64-bit Softimage and Netview and Flash

As I mentioned in my video posting yesterday, if you’re running 64-bit Softimage then you won’t have Flash in Netview. That’s because Netview will be using the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer, but Flash is 32-bit only.

Outside of Softimage, back in Windows, you’re almost always running a 32-bit version of a browser, which is why Flash is available.

Netview uses an embedded web browser (an ActiveX control ) which it creates and embeds within a Softimage view.

  • On Windows, this ends up being whatever version of Internet Explorer the user has installed on their machine. However, for IE8 and later, the WebControl runs in IE7 compatiability mode.
  • On Linux, I believe Netview uses IE v5.5, which comes with Mainwin.

Luceric tweeted the other day about a beta 64-bit version of Flash. That “Square” preview release is relatively new (Nov 2010), but I know they had previous betas back in March 2010.

There’s a Linux version too of 64-bit Flash, but I don’t think it’s possible to get Flash into Netview on Linux. On Windows, Flash is installed in IE, and Netview picks up on that because Netview uses the version of IE installed with the OS. On Linux, however, we use a version of IE that ships with Softimage. So even if you had some version of IE running on Linux (unlikely), that wouldn’t be enough to get Flash into Netview. Flash would be installed just in that other IE. More likely, Flash will be installed in whatever other browser you have installed on Linux.