Crosswalk 2013 available

I see Crosswalk 2013 was posted over a week ago at

Here’s the new features and fixes:

Crosswalk 2013.0 includes the following new features: 
* Softimage 2013 support
* 3dsmax 2013 support
* Maya 2013 support
* Softimage FBX plugin now uses the latest FBX library (2013).
* Support FBX User Normals
* Support FBX ICE Materials and ICE Textures
* Add "Import Action Source Only" option (For Softimage 2013 only)

Here's the detailed list of fixes:

Crosswalk Setup

SOFT-2523	Crosswalk does not register correctly for XSI 2011
SOFT-5213	Crosswalk - Empty Common Softimage Crosswalk folder created during installation

Softimage - FBX

SOFT-5811	FBX Diffuse port is missing during export / import of Blinn
SOFT-5832	FBX material are in the wrong shader node after export import.
SOFT-5036	Crash when you assign specific tiff with LZW compression
SOFT-5160	FBX XSI crash when export fbx bone using Export Envelope options
SOFT-5677	FBX ICE crash during FBX export in "Mesh_With_Set_ICEMaterials_Tree.scn"
SOFT-5352	FBX exporter is splitting UVs causing issues in pipeline
SOFT-5632	Unused UVs in an object with "Turn Internal Edge" operation will be wrong in the FBX export-import process
SOFT-2161	XSI FBX Export LEAKS when there is UV Texture assigned to material
SOFT-2588	FBXImport did not import fbx file (Robot_FixedForXSI) correctly
SOFT-4921	fbx - Import FBX a file that was exported from 3dsMax and the animation of the Character arms will be wrong.
SOFT-5303	Softimage fails to open medium to large FBX files, using both One-Click and FBX Import
SOFT-5462	Action Items imported from FBX take the length of current scene's start and end frames
SOFT-5430	FBX Import animation - Turn on FCurve by default
SOFT-4876	Unlocalized strings in "ExportCrosswalkOptions" window.
SOFT-4957	ACME-717 | Mobu to Softimage shape anim export problem
SOFT-5106	Truncated "XSIM" under "Crosswalk File Type" on "Scene_Root: ImportCrosswalkOptions" window
SOFT-1725	FBX: unable to export an image node with constant shader
SOFT-2308	The cancel button is not working in the crosswalk FBX import\export
SOFT-5205	"Convert Image Format" is not translated on the "Crosswalk FBX Export" window
SOFT-5206	"Materials And Textures" is not translated in "Include" tab on "Crosswalk FBX Import" window
SOFT-5107	Description on the "Scene_Root:ImportCrosswalkOptions" window is not translated
SOFT-5060	FBX Bone tool : missing a bone during export
SOFT-4807	Exporting several actors copies is not working as expected.
SOFT-4818	FBX imports possibly corrupted nulls
SOFT-4817	Can't rotate null in Z
SOFT-4673	Project templates and custom structures
SOFT-4686	ACME-404 | Performance issue with Crosswalk 2012
SOFT-4582	ACSO-415 | Please increase more the performance with Crosswalk 2012

Softimage - Collada/dotxsi

SOFT-5041	ACME-371 | Crosswalk | Shader parameters animated by the mixer are not persisted properly