Centering a button on a PPG

By default, buttons are left-aligned.

I don’t think there is any way to center a control on a layout. At least not one that I can find. You could set an X position, which will look centered until a user resizes the PPG.

item = oLayout.AddButton( L"MyButton", L"ddd" ) ;
item.PutAttribute( siUICX, <x position in pixels>) 

Or you could use this hack, which uses group width percentages to approximate the centering a button.

var oGroup = oLayout.AddGroup("", false, 40);

// button is left-aligned within its group
// so the centering is not 'true'
var oGroup = oLayout.AddGroup("", false, 20);
var oButton = oLayout.AddButton( "OK" );

var oGroup = oLayout.AddGroup("", false, 30);


Softimage timeline akin to the Dark Ages and the destruction of the library in Alexandria ???

In an article on the latest release of CINEMA 4D, the reviewer wrote something I found kinda interesting:

CINEMA 4D … [is] now up to version 11.5, which is just as many versions, if not more, than the older Maya, Max, and Houdini (I’d mention Softimage, but that went through some weird period akin to the Dark Ages after the destruction of the Library in Alexandria, so its timeline isn’t accurate).

via MAXON’s CINEMA 4D | Animation Magazine.