runonce.bat to the rescue yet again

Another couple of cases for runonce.bat!

  • First, there was the case of the messed up Render Manager.
    The Render Manager was slow to display and doesn’t show the properties in the right-hand panel.
    The customer originally had this problem in 2011, and then is started happening in 2012 too.
  • Second, the case of the Softimage 2012 that hung at startup, even after several reinstalls.
    The installer does run runonce.bat, so it’s a bit surprising that a reinstall didn’t fix the problem.

Softimage 2012 SAP Features

Update: See Planet Softimage for more details and vidoes.


  • Modeling tools—Enjoy new options for thickness, hole capping, edge cutting, and extrusion, together with a new Add Smooth Edge Loop tool.
  • Selection tools—Create different component selections faster and more easily.
  • Bullet Physics—Take advantage of enhanced collision detection in ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) and rigid body simulations with newly integrated Bullet Physics.
  • Animation & scene management—Enjoy improved overall productivity with a number of enhancements that increase efficiency throughout the pipeline.
  • ICE enhancements—Now customize production and pipelines more easily with the ability to attach and run script code inside ICE Compound Property Pages.


via Autodesk – Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk Softimage 2012.