Friday Flashback #4

I started at Softimage back in 1995, a few years after Jurassic Park. But everybody in Montreal knew about Softimage and Jurassic Park; I remember my neighbours were sooo impressed when they found out where I worked. It was always nice to be able to say I worked at Softimage (or at Microsoft). People [outside the industry] knew those names. In contrast, few people knew “Avid”, and most people don’t know the name “Autodesk” (I usually have to mention “Autocad”).

Behind-the-Scenes Photos of ILM’s Greats: Jurassic Park
(Thanks to Alan Fregtman for the link)

Appropriately enough, given that Jurassic Park gave Softimage’s reputation such a boost, our main meeting room in the 3510 St Laurent Softimage offices was named “Jurassic Park”. (Other meeting rooms were Jumanji, Casper, and Reboot.)
The Jurassic Park meeting room in the Softimage building, circa 2005