Hacking the name of the Softimage install folder

Not everyone likes folder names like “Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack” 😉 For example, if you’re creating a deployment, it’s pretty common to exceed the Windows path length limit and hit an error.

The setup doesn’t allow you to change the name of the install folder (you can change the location from the default C:\Program Files\Autodesk, but you can’t change the root folder of the Softimage install).

However, you can use any MSI editor (such as InstEd) to change the install folder. All you have to do is edit the ADSK_INSTALL_PATH property. I thought it would be INSTALLDIR, but after a few tries, I figured out that it was ADSK_INSTALL_PATH.

Use at your own risk.

Subaru “Car Parts” Commercial

the whole production was about 8 weeks long, and softimage only. it was a really crazy time. like you can see in the credits we were a rather small team, but the greatest ive worked with so far. so big up to my “geile typen” ;p

it was the first big project with arnold as render, and our new pipeline (in house project, asset and render management).

as the idea was to create worlds consisting out of car parts we were facing a lot of diffuse reflection..there is glossy all over the place. and instancing. it is incredible how fast arnold chew through all this data. our farm was rendering for 3 weeks non stop *without* any failed frames. i really doubt we could do that with mental ray

– Sebastian Kowalski

via Subaru “Car Parts” Commercial – Softimage Mailing List Archive | Google Groups.

Director’s cut