Friday Flashback #5

Someone on the XSI Mailing list asked about the old “10 reasons to try XSI”, which was published back in 2007 I believe. I managed to find a copy.

Here’s a comparison of the “10 reasons to try XSI” with the top reasons to buy Autodesk Softimage 2011

2007 (XSI 6)

  1. Non-destructive everything
  2. Gigapolygon processing
  3. Modeling that feels like sculpting
  4. Delta Referencing: breakthrough collaborative 3D animation
  5. Commitment to scripting & development standards
  6. Animation Mixer
  7. Asset reuse made simple
  8. Render Passes
  9. Built-in XSI Illusion compositor
  10. Custom Display Host

2010 (Softimage 2011)

  1. A Powerful Companion to Maya
  2. Node-Based Interactive Creative Environment (ICE)
  3. GigaCore High-Performance 3D Engine
  4. Complete Face Robot Toolset
  5. Nondestructive Workflow
  6. Interoperability
  7. Industry-Leading Nonlinear Animation and Mixing
  8. Production-Proven Solution
  9. Extensibility
  10. Autodesk Subscription and Support

And here are some other top 10 (or 9 or 11) lists:

Top ten new features in SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0

  1. Work with ten times the detail (Gigapolygon core)
  2. Gator – property transfer that just works
  3. Film-quality normal map generation
  4. Easy migration from Maya
  5. Integrated Tools Development Environment (“TDE”)
  6. Native mental ray v.3.4
  7. Shape manager for easy shape creation and animation
  8. Tweak component tool for fast freeform modeling
  9. High-performance rigid-body dynamics

Top Ten Key Features in SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.2

  1. [NLA] SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR v.2.0 In XSI Advanced
  2. [FX] Compositing and Hybrid Vector and Raster Paint In Essentials
  3. Character Development Kit
  4. Rigid Body Dynamics
  5. XSI Rendering and mental ray v.3.3
  6. Construction Modes
  7. [rendercore] AAF/MXF HD for Avid Editors
  8. [workforce] Alienbrain Studio 7.1 Plug-in
  9. Custom Display Host
  10. UV Unwrapping

Top 10 Reasons to Care About XSI 3.0

Long-Form Film/Series Broadcast

  1. Fastest development rate in the industry
  2. Fully integrated hair and fur simulation subsystem
  3. Unique fully integrated professional film quality compositing environment
  4. XSI SDK
  5. Unique fully integrated high-end interactive rendering
  6. Legendary Softimage character animation tools
  7. Native non-linear animation
  8. Crowd simulation tools
  9. Fully integrated, internet-enabled workflow (Net View, Synoptic View, ActiveX Scripting Technology)
  10. XSI Batch and XSI BatchUniversal (purchased separately)
  11. Lowest cost high-end technology on the market (versus A/W Maya and RenderMan)