2011 HotFix 2 for disconnected shader nodes

HotFix 2 contains fixes for some common scenarios that result in corrupted materials and disconnected shader nodes in render trees. The Hotfix will prevent new corruption, but it doesn’t fix corrupted scenes or models. You will have to fix them one by one when possible.

Note: HotFix 2 includes HotFix 1.

Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack HotFix2
The SAP hotfix is now available on the Subscription Center (link requires login).

Softimage 2011 SP1 HotFix2
This hotfix is available at the Updates and Service Packs page.

Please make sure you install the right version of the hotfix: SP1 hotfix for Softimage 2011 SP1, and the SAP hotfix for Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack.

The HotFix Readme is below the fold…
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ERROR : 2356 – This plug-in is not installed: FaceConnections

A customer reported that on some machines, he would get this error when he opened a certain scene:

// ERROR : 2356 – This plug-in is not installed: FaceConnections

This means that the scene contains some Face Robot properties, but the Face Robot workgroup is not loaded. This can happen, for example, if you enable Face Robot in a scene, then disable Face Robot and save the scene. This leaves some some Face Robot elements left in the scene.

Any time you load this scene into an instance of Softimage where Face Robot is disabled (eg Softimage is not connected to the Face Robot workgroup), you’ll get this error.

To fix this, use the scene explorer to find the Face model and delete the Face model. The Face model has a FaceConnections property, and when Face Robot is not enabled, you will get that error at startup.